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Jiftip real penis tutorial

A Qik-Stik on the DikTip

· 浪漫,性别,关系

Jiftip Tutorial

If you don't want the feel of hot sauce in your eyes, skip the video below. Unlike hot sauce in your eyes, you'll not be able to wash it out of your mind.


Are you sure?

Instructional video, age restricted.


  1. Applying Jiftip may look like S&M foreplay, but it's good.
  2. The hand-squeezed bubble test demonstrates a safe, secure seal under ridiculously high pressure. It only highlights the capability of Jiftip, don't get any ideas.   The stunt penis used it this video is an expert, do NOT try this at home.
  3. DOES IT HURT WHEN YOU TAKE IT OFF? Yes, it does hurt. But you quickly build a tolerance to it, --like drinking a beer, strange at first, suddenly you're addicted. MEN FEEL, BOYS SQUEAL.

  4. Jiftip grip must be strong so you can trust it to stay on inside your partner.

  5. TRIVIA: The world record --apply and remove-- Jiftip is 6 times in 30 minutes, not sex mind you, just to show it won't remove the DikTip under normal use.


  • You feel skin is sexy, you trust it, and you want it unwrapped.
  • You trust new things and you feel there's gotta be a better way.
  • You like being part of something brand new, knowing your input matters.
  • You can join the beta team, just provide your brutal feedback and help us improve.
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